RK Umformtechnik- die working machines


RK-Umformtechnik is a young company with skilled employees. More than 20 years of competence and experience in production with drawing dies and die equipment are the base of reliability, high- performance and our personal commitment in Germany.


Products and solutions:

Tools for the wire processing industry:

PCD shaped dies- PCD dies- TC shaped dies

TC drawing dies- TC shaped drawing mandrels

TC drawing mandrels _ splitter drawing dies

Calibration pins- special tools- compression blocks

Wire guides- drilling bushes- accessory


Machines for the wire processing industry:

TC die reworking machines, PCD/ND reworking machines, universal inside-grinding machines, automatic ultrasonic cleaning system, needle-grinding machines.

rk01.jpg rk02.jpg rk03.jpg rk04.jpg rk05.jpg rk06.jpg rk07.jpg rk08.jpg rk09.jpg rk10.jpg rk11.jpg rk12.jpg rk13.jpg rk14.jpg

rkm01.jpg rkm02.jpg rkm03.jpg rkm04.jpg rkm06.jpg rkm07.jpg rkm08.jpg rkm09.jpg rkm10.jpg rkm11.jpg rkm12.jpg rkm13.jpg rkm14.jpg